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Navigating the Australian ‘gig economy' and the fluidity of modern life more broadly, while keeping mental health in balance, requires adaptability, focus, resilience, reflexivity and continual learning. With this in mind, and its mission to support students to experience ‘the fullness of life’, in 2020 the Catholic Schools Office for Lismore Diocese sought to develop a list of target attributes to intentionally nurture in their students. They wanted to take an evidence-informed approach to developing this list, informed by existing literature and by comprehensive consultation with students, parents and staff across their schools.

The CYRA Service was involved at the end of the process - the knowledge translation stage - to help distil the vast range of evidence amassed and draw out the key findings. Then, to present these in a creatively designed, full-colour summary accessible to secondary students, parents and staff. The CYRA Service also formatted the full reports for the project, each recognisable as part of the same suite yet identifiably different.


The bright, watercolour birds capture the notion of students taking flight as they graduate from their school education, with the various feathers representing the skills and character attributes developed. The bright colour scheme also suggests student wellbeing - a ‘fullness of life’ - and is reflective of the Lismore area, known as the ‘rainbow region’ of Australia.


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