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The CYRA Service bridges research and practice to improve children's lives.
We are science communication specialists; a niche 'knowledge translation' and design service.

What does The CYRA Service do?

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Supports Impact and Engagement

We work with you to transform knowledge into impact. We can collaborate with you as you develop, and action, knowledge translation plans or engagement and impact strategies. Find out more.

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Develops Evidence-Based Resources

Central to our work is the development of eye-catching, evidence-based resources that engage and educate. These can be tailored for parents, carers, teachers and other professionals, as well as for children and young people themselves.

See examples here

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Saves You Time

We take care of developing and designing the resources and promotional tools you need, freeing you up to engage with others and promote your message.

We support you to transform knowledge into real-world impact on children’s lives, education and wellbeing.

Available Worldwide

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The CYRA Service is available to researchers and organisations worldwide. Our standard working hours are 9am-5pm Paris Time. For clients in the Southern Hemisphere we can often progress projects overnight.

Ethical Approach

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It is ethical practice to ensure research findings are communicated back to participants. It is also ethical that funding and time is not wasted and research insights have impact. Our founder is part of the team behind the Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) initiative funded by UNICEF International (see All work undertaken by The CYRA Service is conducted in line with the ERIC approach.


I’m Julia Truscott, founder of The CYRA Service. 


I’m passionate about helping to ensure research makes a difference in the lives of children and young people. 


I guess you could say the journey of The CYRA Service began 20 years ago when I undertook a degree in Science Communication at the University of London. It was a unique degree, the only one of its kind offered in the UK at the time, and focused specifically on the translation of complex scientific and health concepts for public understanding along with the associated audio-visual skills. I graduated with a first-class B.Sc. honours and was awarded the Blackwell Prize and Arnold Spicer Award. 


After almost 10 years working in a range of education and interpretation roles across the UK, Nepal, Japan and Australia, I won a prestigious Australian Government International Endeavour Award to undertake a Masters of Education (by Thesis) at Southern Cross University. During my studies I benefitted from a two-year childhood research mentorship under Professor Anne Graham, AO, director of the university’s Centre for Children and Young People. Afterwards, I continued to work closely with this innovative centre as an active childhood researcher (see Orcid record), with a key role in developing and expanding their  ‘plain-text’ research outputs for children, families and professionals.


In 2015, I launched The CYRA Service - Childhood and Youth Research for All - a specialist 'knowledge translation’ and design service. We work with you to help transform research findings into real-world impact to improve children’s lives, education and wellbeing. We can work with you from start to finish on a project or we can help you at any step along the way. Find out more.


If you're new to The CYRA Service, please feel free to contact me directly with any enquiries or to discuss your needs.

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Julia Truscott,


The CYRA Service

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