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‘Beyond’ Safety: Ethical Practice Involving Children’ is a large-scale, Australian Research Council funded-study being driven by an international team of researchers across 6 universities in Australia, New Zealand and the UK. It aims to strengthen knowledge, policy and practice concerning ‘child-safe’ organisations by examining the role of ethical practice in improving children and young people’s safety and wellbeing.


From 2021 - 2023, The CYRA Service has been involved in a knowledge translation capacity, assisting the international team by developing:


  1. A suite of full colour research summaries for Phases 1-3 of the study. 

  2. Associated social media infographics to promote the findings and maintain engagement throughout the life of the project.

  3.  A suite of three professional learning series, one for school staff, one for residential care staff and one for staff working in disability services.

Find out more about the study.

Phase 1: Policy Analysis Summary

Phase 2: Qualitative Phase Summary

Phase 3: Quantitative Phase Summary

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