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Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) is the international hub for promoting evidence informed ethics guidance for research involving children and young people. 


The ERIC resources are comprehensive and extensive comprising an international charter, ethical guidance, a reflexive tool, case studies and an online library. The suite of resources were initially published as a paper compendium, but soon after made available online as pdfs at


After being involved with ERIC behind the scenes for many years, The CYRA Service became more deeply involved in a knowledge translation capacity in 2021-22 to help refresh and lift the ERIC website content and navigation. Within the confines of the existing website, this involved distilling (and where required, updating) the content of the original ERIC resources and signposting visitors through the site, to improve its accessibility for new users, for teaching purposes and for users who have English as a second or other language. 


The ERIC resources were originally developed as a partnership between Centre for Children and Young People at Southern Cross University, the University of Otago, Childwatch International and UNICEF’s Office of Research, Innocenti. The website and initiative continues to be maintained as a partnership between Southern Cross University and UNICEF.


'Before' and 'after' ERIC Home Page

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Screenshot 2023-04-09 at 12.50.27.png

'Before' and 'after' ERIC guidance landing page

View the four new guidance pages and the broader updated ERIC resources at

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